The 40mm thick solid oak worktops need to be oiled before installation. Basically, oils which cure, e.g. by oxidation are suitable. So Olive oil and others are not suitable for oiling wood surfaces or these oils are always moisturizing which is not desirable (who likes oil on the clothes?). Here the Auro countertop oil No. 108 on linseed oil basis was used. Important when handling linseed oil: cloths soaked with linseed oil can ignite themselves. Therefore, store the linseed oil rags in a tinplate container and / or burn in an oven.

That sounds more dangerous than it is. Linseed oil is a natural product which hardens by chemical reaction with atmospheric oxygen. This creates heat.
The linseed oil is applied to the worktops with a foam roller fed and evenly. The oil must stand on the worktop so that the wood can absorb the oil within a maximum of 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes at the latest, the oil should not have dried, otherwise you will not get it polished down from the surface of the wood and you need to sand it down if necessary. The oil is first removed from the wood surface by means of a kitchen roll. Then the surface is dry-polished with a cotton cloth, for example.

The whole process is repeated after 24 hours. If you want, you can oil the worktop a third time.
With the described procedure you get a wonderful result. The wooden surface appears in a silky matt sheen.
After the final oiling the worktops are placed on the appropriate furniture and screwed with these. It is recommended to pre-drill small. The biggest challenge was moving the worktop into the living room. After all, the long worktop is over 3.60 meters long.

This shows now that the facing bricks were tiled to the correct height on the back wall. 🙂
If the assembly of the long worktop was pretty easy, mounting the two short halves next to the Domsjö double sink is a bit more difficult. Again, the laser heals very well when aligning exactly. Using the laser line, the edges of the two halves can be aligned. It is recommended to leave a few millimeters distance to the sides and to the mirror back wall. This is where spacers with a defined dimension help.


In the end everything fits perfectly. Now you only have to fit the end strips on the long worktop and pull the connection joints with silicone.