Why an IKEA Kitchen?

Why an IKEA kitchen? Actually I had planned a similar country kitchen already at a local furniture dealer. Somehow, however, there were communication difficulties with ordering the kitchen, so the order was delayed. In retrospect a stroke of luck. So I planned with the Ikea kitchen planner a comparable kitchen. As I know today, I probably would not have been able to realize this kitchen with any other manufacturer for one simple reason: there were too many things to do on their own and too many peculiarities in the assembly of the kitchen to consider than a kitchen fitter would have wanted to realize. In addition you can not just go to a kitchen manufacturer beyond Ikea if something is missing and just buy it at the local IKEA warehouse. IKEA offers a maximum of flexibility.

And the quality? The quality matches the quality of all other mainstream kitchen manufacturers for one simple reason. The bodies of the furnitures hardly differ in terms of the chipboard used by the manufacturers, the fittings come from Blum, the painting of the fronts is executed properly at least on the Bodbyn fronts. A kitchen furniture is in principle a simple piece of furniture. So the market practice of the manufactures and sellers to make the kitchen prices incomprehensible and publishing no prices to end customers should be not supported by customers.
Instead, all furniture stores constantly lure with opaque discounts. It is a bad business from customers point of view.

At Ikea you pay the price which stands on the respective part. This is maximum transparent. The opaque price tactics of other Kitchen manufacturers should not be support in my opinion.
From the IKEA kitchen service with expert check after I completed own planning I am also very pleased. During the checkup the expert will point on details and / or small things you might missed for the interior of your kitchen. The ordering process is very straightforward online. Theoretically, no one needs to go to the local IKEA Store to order the kitchen.