Plinth and baseboards

The classic style baseboards perfectly emphasize the character of the IKEA kitchen with Bodbyn fronts. The baseboards are made of solid wood which is not only valuable, but also has a practical use. They are much less sensitive (such as to moisture) than MDF baseboards that are often used today. The skirting boards are best cut on a chop saw. At the miter cuts, the bseboards should be fixed, otherwise the miter can slip quickly.

At places where the baseboard can be screwed into the wall this is the preferred method of installation. Otherwise the baseboard must be glued. For mounting you need a drill, a drilling template, a countersink, matching screws, dowels and caps for the screw heads. The work steps are then like that:
• Drill a hole through the baseboard using the template and mark the wall
• Drill the dowel hole and set the dowel (select dowels depending on the wall, if necessary, insert dowels with Rigips with solid wall behind).
• Lower the hole in the baseboard so that the screw heads can be lowered flush in the bar
• Screw on the footrest
• Attach cover cap

In some places, cutouts must be created in the baseboards. Deficiencies in the form of gaps or paint damage to the baseboards are later laminated.

Namely, if anyway the wall connections are made by an acrylic seam. This is definitely recommended because it results in such a clean wall connection without visible joint.

The IKEA FÖRBÄTTRA base for the kitchen cabinets is easy to install as it only clicks into the feet of the Metod cabinets. Matching caps are included for the corner joints. Cutouts for the wiring of the base lighting were created and then aluminum LED profiles were installed.

In the end, with the socket of the IKEA kitchen in combination with the base lighting it almost seems as if the kitchen is floating.