Installing the Hobs

As cooking hobs initially two MÖJLIG Domino hobs are used. One version as induction hob and one version as glass ceramic hob. The base cabinets of the long kitchen row are all planned as a cabinet for hobs and executed. So later additional hobs can be installed as needed. Within the electrical installation there are two juction boxes with 3-phase alternating current, so that enough electric power will be available for all emerging eventualities. The installation is planned quite flexible.

The two MÖJLIG Domino hobs including connecting bar.

First, the cabinet is prepared, taped here so that there is little possible dirt in the cabinet.

Thereafter, the cut is marked from above on the worktop and placed in each corner a hole.

Subsequently, the section is created with the jigsaw.

The hobs are then inserted into the cutout and wired.