Mirror back wall

A mirror back wall in the kitchen has some advantages. The space is visually enlarged and the surface is very easy to clean, especially in combination with water, since it is indeed a pane of glass. For the area behind the sink a mirror is ideally suited. The mirror was ordered with the appropriate dimensions and cut-outs for the switches and sockets. You have to measure exactly, otherwise the mirror will not fit. All around the mirror is to plan a defined joint all around which is to fill with backfill cord before doing the silicone seam. After gluing a silicone seam is finally pulled (here below transparent, on the sides and on top in white). Since the mirror has a certain depth (here 6 mm + glue), the upper stucco profile had to be doubled in advance to have a corresponding edge over which the mirror does not protrude.



The mixer tap Glittran in chrome in combination with the sink fits otimal and is mirrored a beautiful sight. The worktop looks twice as wide as it actually is through the mirror and the switches and sockets seem to float.