Kitchen electrics

The electrics of the kitchen can be named here as the heart of the kitchen installation. In particular cleverly staged lighting applications quickly turn an average kitchen into a special kitchen. It has already been mentioned elsewhere that 11 separate supply lines have been laid. These are:

• Extractor hood (3×1.5 mm²)
• general circuit (3×1.5 mm²)
• Oven (3×2.5 mm²)
• Cooker junction box 1 (5×2.5 mm²)
• Cooker junction box 2 (5×2.5 mm²)
• Refrigerator (3×1.5 mm²)
• light kitchen (3×1.5 mm²)
• dishwasher (3×1,5 mm²)
• Socket circuit 1 (3×1.5 mm²)
• Socket circuit 2 (3×1.5 mm²)
• Socket circuit 3 (3×1.5 mm²)

In total, well over 250 meters of cable were laid.

The light installation itself consists exclusively of 24 Volt LED Stripes, which have been installed in special aluminum profiles for aesthetic as well as for practical reasons (cooling, easier installation). LED lights were installed in the following places:
• Bottom wallboard
• underside of the chimney hood
• Bottom of the closets
• Base lighting on all kitchen cabinets
• Lighting within all wall cabinets and display cabinets
• Main room lighting on the ceiling

Of course, all of this must be planned strictly in advance – subsequently such an installation would not be feasible.
The lighting applications alone require the space of two surface-mounted distributors. The distributors serve here rather as a control cabinet than as a distributor.

The Meanwell IDLV LED drivers are a new generation of drivers with very low minimum load (even when dimming) and so-called “flicker-free” technology. Due to high operating frequencies, the human eye can not perceive flickering of the light sources. The attachment of any driver on top hat rails (DIN Rail) by the universal holder Bopla TSH 35 (highly recommended).

The interior of the distributor may be frightening to the inexperienced, but everything is well labeled and securely installed. The distributor, which contains the LED drivers, must be ventilated with a fan. Here is a section to create and install a fan with appropriate ventilation grille in advance. The fan is then connected in parallel with the base lighting, as this lighting is usually always switched on before all others and is the lighting application that is used the most.

The Eltako SDS-12 / 1-10V allow the driving of the LED drivers via the 1-10V interface via push buttons. In addition, the control input works with universal voltage and allows control by means of low voltage. So the electrical switches in the case shown here also operate only with 24 volts. The Merten pushbuttons with lighting module also work with 24 volts. The R / G / B lighting module of the buttons is a nice gimmick. This allows the lighting to be set separately for each rocker switch. Here, the color  green signals dimming and on and the color turquoise off and dim.

In total 6 corresponding switches have been installed in the kitchen.