Multi Media

Multi-media in the kitchen? But of course!

Nowadays it is obligatory to provide appropriate connections.

1.  Over LAN interfaces almost all devices such as analog telephones, IP phones, computers, etc. can get integrated into a network.
2. You never know for what you need the interfaces sometimes. The wiring should always be interchangeable in these applications to be able to go with the state of the art later (flexibility).

The kitchen currently has three LAN interfaces. It was originally planned to connect a tablet next to the door  via LAN and USB directly but unfortunately the tablets are not ready yet. Charging and LAN at the same time are only supported via OTG with USB C (3.1). The wiring is in any case ready for later. Currently the domestic wireless network does it as well.
The Busch Welcome indoor station plays perfectly together with the tablet as an optical output of the door situation. Here no camera system of a doorphone manufacturer was deliberately installed because these are not up to date on the resolution (camera and display) and on the other hand are difficult to upgrade to a later state. As good as the Busch-Welcome system as an audio station (highly recommended) or app solution is, the video connection using analog cameras and a display resolution of 800×400 for the welcome panel lags behind a tablet in the lower price category (but youmust pay the price a luxury class tablet).
The separate IP camera solution with tablet appears here much more future-proof. In addition, all IP cameras of the house installation can be displayed on the tablet as needed.

The four switch box combination was planned in advance for the following device inserts:
1. USB socket as a power supply for the tablet
2. LAN interface (currently not used)
3. Busch indoor station audio with display.
The following picture shows the laid cables.

Below you can see all installed device inserts and the tablet holder. The picture below shows the installation with tablet (the tablet is rotatable with the holder).

The application for the IP camera always runs in the background, when the tablet is awakened you can see the camera view. So you always see who is at the door with a doorbell.

A tablet in the kitchen is otherwise very convenient, e.g. while cooking to quickly research a recipe or to boil the recipe.